Trek Card (Pty) Ltd


We offer a range of products to help your vehicles be SABS compliant. See details below for our product offerings.

Transport Emergency Cards (TRECs)

Transport emergency cards (Trec) are A4 documents that explain the hazards and emergency response procedures for hazardous chemicals.

Dangerous Goods Training

Driver training courses arranged by Trek Card (Pty) Ltd. Duration of the course is 4-5 hours and courses are conducted daily from Monday to Friday.

Warning Signage

Each vehicle should be fitted with 3 no smoking / no cellphone / no open flame signs. These signs are available as vinyl stickers in standard and reduced size.

Hazchem Placard

Hazchem placards are signboards which are fitted to vehicles transporting dangerous goods. By law, each vehicle should have 3 placards.

Document Holder

Orange document holders (designated spaces) should be kept inside the vehicle and should contain all relevant documentation – Trec cards, dangerous goods declaration etc. for each product on the vehicle.

Decals and Signs

Hazard class diamonds are available as vinyl stickers for containers.

Placard and Warning Diamond Frames

One orange warning diamond should be fitted to the front of the vehicle. A steel frame used to hold the hazchem placard in it’s position.