Trek Card (Pty) Ltd


At Trec we make sure you comply at all times by offering you every possible way of obtaining your Trec cards / Tremcards (Transport emergency cards).

Whether you are a D.I.Y. type of person or not, we have an option for everyone.

Option 1: Pay As You Go

1. Click on “Online Order”.
2. If you haven’t registered before, click on "Register" and complete the form.
3. Enter a UN number (without “UN”).
4. Select the product and click next.
5. Complete the custom data page.
6. Preview the card, if you are happy, approve the card.
7. Add to cart.
8. An invoice will automatically be emailed to you.
9. Make payment and forward proof of payment to
10. Download the TREC Printer using the link on your invoice email.
11. Print your order using the invoice number and key emailed to you.
As easy as pie.

Option 2: Prepaid

This works pretty much the same as option 1, with the only difference being, you don’t have to pay every time you order.
You pay an amount (your choice) upfront and we load that amount onto your account for you to use as and when required.

Notes to keep in mind:
1. Please send an email to requesting an invoice for credits.
2. You still need to register online – we will use the account you registered to load the credits onto.

Option 3: Printed and laminated

If the D.I.Y. options are not your style, you can simply send an email to with the following information, and we will send you a quotation to print the cards on your behalf:
1. Company details
2. UN numbers of the products being transported.
3. How many of each UN number do you require (how many trucks are transporting this product)

Option 4: TREC Software

This option allows you to generate and print as many cards as you like. It works with an annual subscription fee.
No need to install software on your computer as this is an online system.

Note: this is the perfect option for companies who use more than 200 cards in a year.