Hazchem Placards, Warning Decals, Brackets and Holders


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“We will match any written Transport Emergency Card quote”

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cropped-Trec-Favicon.jpgTrec Card

Online system: Register yourself. Login and buy TREC’s through the online ordering process. Once payment is received, the cards are released. Follow the prompts on the invoice and easily install the TREC Printer and print the cards yourself. Red-lined stationary is available from Trec, if you do not have access to a colour printer.

cropped-Trec-Favicon.jpgTrec Card

Trec Cards can be printed and laminated by Trec.

cropped-Trec-Favicon.jpgTrec Credit

Online system: Register yourself. Buy TREC Credits in advance

cropped-Trec-Favicon.jpgEMC Trec

EMC TREC Small Business Edition – (Limit of 5 full users and 2 print only users)

Tired of printing TREMCARDS with a DONGLE? Then this is the perfect solution for you!

Offline system: An offline system which is installed from a CD or downloaded from the website. This includes a database of all the UN Numbers and enables you to generate and print your own TREC’s.


We have just launched the “Cargo Check Module”.

This module allows companies to check the compatibility and exempt quantity of each load

to comply with legislation.

This module can be purchased with the EMC TREC Small Business Edition as well as the Enterprise Edition.