Are TREC’s legal to use in South Africa?

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Dear Madam,

Your e-mail dated 2011-07-06 refers. In terms of the definitions contained in SANS 10231:2010 Transport of dangerous goods – Operational requirements for road vehicles it appears that transport emergency cards can either can be generated using the CEFIC system (TREMCARD) or drawn up in accordance with the requirements of SANS 10232-4 (TREC).

An extract from SANS 10231:2010 in so far as it relates to these two types of transport emergency is herewith attached.

Should you require any further clarification on this matter you are advised to contact Elmarie Steyn (SABS Standards) at telephone (012) 428-6777 or e-mail elmarie.steyn@sabs.co.za

Kind regards.

E.F. Webb (Ms)

Standards Information Centre

SABS Standards

South African Bureau of Standards

Website http://www.sabs.co.za

E-mail webbef@sabs.co.za

Telefax +27 12 428 6928

Telephone +27 12 428 6564

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How long will a Trec be valid for? 

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SABS 10231 allows for a period of 3 years from date of issue.  


What are dangerous goods?  

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Dangerous goods are goods of a chemical nature that are transported in significant quantities, nationally and internationally as classified by the United Nations Committee of Experts on the Transportation of Dangerous Goods (UNCETDG). The UNCETDG publishes this list in their Recommendations for the Transport of Dangerous Goods (the Orange Book). An identical list is published in South Africa in SANS 10228, which is taken up in chapter 8 of the regulations under the act.


Must the TREC be kept on the person of the driver or in the cab of the vehicle? 

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The TREC must be kept in an orange colored box labelled ”Documents” which is situated in the centre of the vehicle, near the front.  See SANS 10231.


What is the cost to register on your website?

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There is NO COST for the registration. You only pay for the cards you order.


How many TRECs do I need?

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You would need a TREC for every product transported in every truck.



What are the minimum and maximum quantities I can order?

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There are no minimum or maximum quantities. You can order any quantity from 1 up.



Which UN Numbers are available on your website? 

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The UN Numbers range from 0001 to 3500. They are all available on our website.



How do I pay for my order?

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Once you have received your invoice, you can do and internet transfer or a bank deposit.

If this is inconvenient to do every time you need a TREC, check out our other product options on the products page.



How do I order and print the TRECs?

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Kindly visit our “How to” page for more info on this.



Do I have to print the cards myself?

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Trek Card can print the TRECs for you. Please check out our “products” page for more information.



What is a UN Number?

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UN number stands for United Nations number. The UN number is a four-digit number assigned to a potentially hazardous material (such as gasoline, UN 1203) or class of materials (such as corrosive liquids, UN 1760). These numbers are used by firefighters and other emergency response personnel for identification of materials during transportation emergencies. UN (United Nations) numbers are internationally recognized.



What is a MSDS?

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material safety data sheet (MSDS) is a form containing data regarding the properties of a particular substance.