How to Order

How to order your TREC

It is so easy to order a Transport Emergency Card online:

First of all; make sure you have all the information that you want to appear on your TREC.

You might need a MSDS or previous Transport Emergency Card for the product you are ordering. These should contain all information you will need through the ordering process.

Simply follow these easy steps:

If it is the first time you are using our website; go to the home page, click the “Register” button. Read through the terms and conditions.
If you agree to these, you will be taken to the “Online order” page.
Click on “Register” again.
Simply fill in the information in the fields required and submit.
If your registration was successful, you will be asked to login.
You will receive your password per email (make sure you fill in the correct email address when registering).
To login: Enter your email address and password and click login.
You will be directed to the ordering page.
Enter the UN Number of the product you are ordering a card for.
A list of products linked to that UN Number will appear. Select the one you require. (Note: The UN number and proper shipping name will appear on your MSDS or previous Card).
You will be directed to the Custom Data page.
Fill in the information required. (Note: This in formation will appear on the MSDS under section 9 and 14)
If you click next, you will be directed to the confirmation page.
Here you have 3 choices; you can add more products to your order, you can cancel or confirm your order.
Add Another: You will go back to the UN Number page, where you can fill in another UN Number to order another card.
Cancel Order: Your order will be cancelled.
Confirm order: Your order will be confirmed and you will be receiving an invoice number.
Your invoice will be emailed to the email address you registered.
Banking details can be found on the invoice.
Once we have received your proof of payment, the cards are released and are ready for printing.

How to print your TREC

If it is the first time you are printing; you need to install our printing program, called “Trec Printer”.
Click on the link shown on your invoice. (
A screen will open with an “install” button. Click here.
If a .Net Framework is not installed on your computer, you will automatically be asked to install this. Again, click on install. Wait a few seconds.
Your Trec Printer should open automatically.
In the Trec Printer; Type in your invoice number in the field provided.
Type in your “key” in the field provided. (The key is found on the invoice, below the invoice date)
Click on the green arrow.
The cards you have ordered will be listed in the column on the left side.
Double click on an item to see a preview of your card.
If you are sure that everything is correct, click on the printer icon and select the printer connected to you computer. Type in the quantity of cards you want to print and print!

You can only print the quantity you have ordered.
By Law all transport emergency cards must have red lines on the sides. The Trec Printer gives you a choice to print with the red lines (if you have colour printer) or without the red lines (on pre-printed stationary).