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Trek Card (Pty) Ltd is constantly updating it's systems and Transport Emergency Cards (TRECs) in accordance with the latest edition of South African standards and industry requirements.

What Are Trec cards?

National and international regulations require that the drivers of vehicles transporting dangerous goods have documentation outlining the hazards and precautions for the goods in the load that they are transporting. Transport Emergency Cards (TRECs) fill this requirement. 

The requirements for TRECs are outlined in SABS Standard Number SANS 10231 (Operational Requirements) and SANS 10232-4, Transport of Dangerous Goods Emergency Information Systems, Part 4 - Transport Emergency Card, which are taken up in the regulations.  It is therefore a transgression by law for the driver not to have a TREC in his possession.

It is the responsibility of the operator to ensure that the TREC is available at all times, when on public road, for any dangerous goods being transported.

Trek Card (Pty) Ltd. enables producers and transporters to purchase Transport Emergency Cards (TRECs) on-line singly, or in batch sizes specific to their requirements.  TRECs can also be couriered to predetermined collection points when the operator knows the quantity and nature of the goods to be transported.

Trek Card software can, on consultation; be integrated into existing in-house invoicing systems.


The TREC is drawn up within the constraints of the requirements of SANS10232-4. It is recommended that you compare the information of the TREC, especially the hazard section, against the information in the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) of your product. If the information in the TREC does not adequately reflect the information in MSDS, you may enter that additional information under the heading “Additional Information” on the TREC. 

An MSDS is required by law for any goods of a chemical nature in the regulations under the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Act 85 of 1995.

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