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Are TREC's legal to use in South Africa?

Dear Madam,

Your e-mail dated 2011-07-06 refers. In terms of the definitions contained in SANS 10231:2010 Transport of dangerous goods - Operational requirements for road vehicles it appears that transport emergency cards can either can be generated using the CEFIC system (TREMCARD) or drawn up in accordance with the requirements of SANS 10232-4 (TREC).

An extract from SANS 10231:2010 in so far as it relates to these two types of transport emergency is herewith attached.

Should you require any further clarification on this matter you are advised to contact Elmarie Steyn (SABS Standards) at telephone (012) 428-6777 or e-mail elmarie.steyn@sabs.co.za

Kind regards.

E.F. Webb (Ms)

Standards Information Centre

SABS Standards

South African Bureau of Standards

Website http://www.sabs.co.za

E-mail webbef@sabs.co.za

Telefax +27 12 428 6928

Telephone +27 12 428 6564


Click here for SANS 10231:2010 Extract

EMC TREC option revised.

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TRECs are valid Tremcards:

News Article

September 3rd, 2009

Transport emergency cards in the form of TRECs are now as valid as Tremcards, according to the 15th amendment of the regulations under the National Road Traffic Act, 93 of 1996, published in Government Gazette 32258 on 27 May.

Regulation 273 amends the definition of 'Tremcard' to include TREC cards, defined in the local standard: "Transport emergency cards. can either be generated from the European Council of Chemical Manufactures' Federation system, or in accordance with SANS 10232-4, listing the hazards and emergency information for a material being transported for use by the driver during an incident, or by the emergency services."

The definition in SANS 10231: 2006, in Clause 3.1.25, determines 'a card that lists the hazards and emergency information for a material being transported, that is intended for the use by the driver during an incident, or by emergency services. The transport emergency card can either be generated from the European Council of Chemical Manufacturers' Federation (CEFIC) system, called a Tremcard, or in accordance with SANS 10232-4, called a TREC.'

Article from www.sheqafrica.com for more info please visit: 


Pick a Card:

Amendments to South African standards and the introduction of a new standard now allow the use of a South African Transport Emergency Card (Trec) in accordance with the new South African standard SANS 10232-4.... Read the entire Trec article in Fleetwatch:

http://www.fleetwatch.co.za/magazines/Jul2009/48-Pick a Card.htm

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